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Spirit of America
100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to these projects initiated by Americans serving abroad.


United Poultry Concerns

FCC Complaints
John Denver Environmental
Bush Watch
Midwest Treaty Network
Wisc Campaign Reform
Wisc Vote - Election News
Justice at Stake
Campaign Finance Reform in Wisconsin
Wisc Democracy Campaign

Council on Foreign Relations

Culture Clash
Reason OnLine
Consumer Rights Lawsuits
Middle East Institute
Saudi Elections Discussion Panel
  --  (click on para 3)
Despite what they say in this panel for American audiences, in Oct. 2004, the Saudis decided that women cannot/will not vote in their elections.
Americans for Tax Reform
What Can You Do To Help Animals?
Global Partners for Change
(recommended site)

Systemic/Institutional Change Organizations
CENTER FOR SCIENCE IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST Read their Nutrition Action Healthletter $24.00 (
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Consumer Product Complaints

National Consumer Law Center
Project Censored
Alternative Network
Council on Foundations
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Working for Change
Southern Poverty Law Center
Southern Poverty Law Center 
Street Harassment
Action/organizing training Chicago

Midwest academy organizing manual

Why Thinking Strategically Matters

Different methods of organizing

No compromise
William Greider
Organizing against cruelty
Alley cat Allies
Animal Rights and the LAW-Rutgers U
Animal Rights by States

Animal Voices Free Radio

Animal Cruelty Statutes by States
What vet schools can use instead of live Animal
Virtual dissection of frogs
Animal Abuse-cat
Mad Cow and Humans Plague
Demonstrating and Civil Disobedience: A Legal Guide for Activists by Gary L. Francione, Anna E. Charlton

Feral Cat Coalition

Animal Liberation Front ALF
  (May the Universe Keep them Safe and Active for they are the finest of us all and they harm no living thing despite what the bosses tell you)
Doris Day Animal Rights
Ocean Activists
Fund for Animals
Know the Enemy - UW Primate Lab
Earth liberation news
The National Center for Animal Law
Animals Asia deals with dog/cat and bear farming in Asia, and allows users to donate money to prevent this abuse. 
Farm Animal Reform Movement FARM is a national, tax-exempt, educational organization advocating a plant-based diet and rights for farmed animals through six annual grass-roots campaigns and other programs. 
Defend Democracy
Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
animal rights links
Save the Bears 
Sterilize Wild Animals Instead of Hunting and Trapping 
Anti DNR

Peace / Violence / Research
Computer Services for Social Science Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Violence Against Children Stats
National Slavery Museum
National Clearing House on Child Abuse and Neglect.

List of Agencies that Assist Low Income Wisconsin Citizens
Wisc. Sex Offender Registry Program
Real estate sales, rentals and sex offenders registry
Wisconsin State Legislature

Wisconsin Governor's Office

Wisconsin State Agencies

Wisconsin Elections Board

University of Wisc-Extension
Grant County WI
Dane County WI
WI Parks and Forests
Wisconsin Attractions
WI Vital Records - birth, death, marriage, divorce records 
UW-Madison Research Administration Office
UW System
Swim in Wisconsin
WI Employment Relations Commission
WI Government

So Called Funding for Domestic Violence a la Bush Regime
Feminism and Islam
Kate Millett
Equal Rights Amendment (never passed)
Gloria Steinem
Roe v.Wade and related cases
NOW in the Courts
Equality NOW
Abortion Clinics Near You

Dane County LWV
Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons
Timeline Suffrage and Abolition
Feminist International Radio

Feminists for animal rights

Feminists icon Germaine Greer
Germaine's quotes
Wisconsin's Women's Council

National Womens Health Project

Violence Against Women

National Organization for Women

League of woman voters

How Wisc Women Won the Vote
Women of Afghanistan
League of Women Voters of Janesville
Female Genital Mutilation

Jihad Watch

Bitch Magazine
Help Troubled Girls

Organizing Women Links
Margaret Sanger Papers Project 
Office of International Women's Issues
A Feminist Journal
Know Your Enemy (The Muslim Brotherhood)
UNIFEM United Nations Development Fund For Women
International Violence Against Women
Phyllis Chesler
Feminist Chat
Best Place For Those who want to help women in Afghanistan
Women Against Fundamentalism in Iran
National Committee of Women for a Democratic Iran

Federal Government
Federal agencies directories
National Criminal Justice Reference Stats
Department of Justice
Department of Justice Programs
State Department News
State Dept Organizing
US State Dept.
US Dept of Justice
WI Senator Feingold
House of Rep Committee on Appropriations
US Senate
U.S. House of Representatives

Legal Research

Find Wisconsin Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Cases from the Clerk of Court's website. Info is from Jane at
  At Court's homepage (, click on "Case Search", and then select "Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Case Access". You will then have to click on an "I agree" button. 
  Once you are at the search screen, you will see that you can search by party name, but also by Wis.2d citation. 
  If you search for 266 Wis.2d 236 you will see all of the parallel citations on the summary tab, and all of the appellate history for the case on the history tab. 
  The Public Domain Citation (PDC) should appear on the first page of the decision . Clicking on the entry for "Opinion" (in the history list) gives you a link to the text of the opinion, and the Public Domain Citation is on the first page. 
  The coverage on the court's website for its online case status as well as full-text opinions is limited - mid-1995 for the opinions and approx. 1993 for the case status.
Wisconsin primary sources

American Bar
Circuit Court Automation Program

Federal Consumer Information Center
Credit and divorce

Find law

Wisconsin laws and regulations

Family Businesses

Library of Congress

U S Supreme court

Read supreme court cases

Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect
Senior citizens law center

Pagan paralegal
Useful sites for family law practitioners

Wisconsin bar

Wisconsin appeals decisions

Wisconsin court system
Wisconsin vital records

Wisconsin dept of justice
Wisconsin State Law Library on-line

Wisconsin Attorneys Familiar with Animal Protection Cases

Attorney Steven M. Cohen
5221 Monona Drive
Suite 202
Madison, WI 53716

Megan A. Senatori
DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C.
Capitol Square Office
Two East Mifflin Street, Suite 600
Madison, WI 53703-2865
Direct Dial 608-252-9395

Organizations for Rescue

Military Pets Foster Project

Point of Focus (recommended site)
Doris Day Animal Foundation
Best Friends
Donate junk/old cars for animals
Senior Services
Iowa County Humane Society
Dane County Humane Society
Rock Co Humane Society

Touched By A Paw No Kill Cat Shelter
182 Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190
(this is a shelter with a fabulous Vintage Clothes Shop Reflections of the Past in the front of the shelter: If you buy yourself a velvet cape, embroidered kimono, rayon dress from the 40's, or any of the hundreds of other outfits and accessories. you help the kittens and mama's in their lovely hammocks - sign up to get their wonderful newsletter - their goal is to teach compassion)
Open Saturdays 12:00 TO 4:00PM
or by appt. Call them! 
The clothes store is open all week so don't stay away because of the restricted hours.
They have a newsletter called CAT MEWS
Subscribe to the Cat Mews Newsletter

Living with the Animals
Affordable Cat Fence
Cat Fence-In This is the system I have and I recommend it highly on my blog
Feral Cats, New Environmental Witch-Hunt
Almost Human - Cat Collars
Wisconsin Dog Day Care and Park
Paw & Purr
Big Poon's Catnip - Best catnip on the web!

Best magical cat fantasy site in the Web
For dog lovers
Dog's Best Friends
Public Aquariums 
Octopuses their intelligence and dexterity
Click on animals and see your right side of the screen
Odin's Kingdom (another elegant, magical cat site)

Animal Liberation: The Frontline

Animal Links
Fund for Animals
No Compromise
Bite Back
Pet Meds OnLine
Vet Help for low income pet owners
Resources - Info from Paw-Rescue
Book about Black Beauty Sanctuary
Compassionate Living
All Creatures Peaceable Kingdom
New York Aquarium
Dog Town and Cat Land
Help Animals Links
Decent Animal Food recommendations
Webkeep 4 animals(Celtic)
Cat Food Truth (READ THIS)
Dog Food Facts

Recommended Veterinarians
Doctor Vogel
Mt. Horeb Animal Hospital
Mt. Horeb WI
City-Wide Pet Clinic
Madison WI
Edgerton Veterinary Clinic
553 Lake Drive Rd.
Edgerton WI 53534
Dr. Sandi Sawchuk, UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine offers advice on caring for pets. e-mail: 
Cat Parasitic Diseases
Chat with people about cat problems: this way we are actually sharing the info given by vets all over the world and some vets know more about a particular disease than others.
Feline Advisory Bureau - Cat Diseases
Bengal cats - but generic health info
Cat Health Care
The ringworm page-best cat health problem pages
Vet on the web-skin problems in animals
Program does kill Ringworm
A Hip Jazzy Vet site with music and movement to make learning about fungal diseases a little easier - This is one cool site!
Medline for Animals
Healthy Pets
Clipping Dogs Toenails (Photos)
Animal Forum

Animal Abuse And Violence Toward Humans: The Cycle
For Courts, DA and Judge
Book:Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence
Book:Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse
Education and Training-Breaking the cycle of violence against animals
Breaking the Cycle of Violence-Latham

Bullied children
Anti Violence Link
Anger Management 1
Buddhist Anger
Public Affairs Anger Management
when does anger become abuse
child anger management
Understand Anger
Distrusting Others
Advocate for Children in the Courts
Child Labor Coalition
Cultivating Compassion Resources for Teachers
Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
Animal Rights Law
Abuse Links
Wisconsin United for Furry Friends, Inc
 A 1997 survey found that our of the 50 larges shelters for battered women in the United States, 85% of the women and 63% of the children entering shelters discussed incidents of pet abuse in their family.
 Three separate studies have documented that from 18% to 40% of women seeking shelter at a crisis center reported concern for the welfare of their pet prevented them from seeking shelter, in some cases for more than two months

When You Die What Will Happen To Them?
Estate Planning for Pets

JAVM article on estate planning for companion animals
Book to do estate plan for companion animals
Pet Trusts
Booklets and Forms to Estate Plan for Pets
This is the website of the SPCA of Pinellas County. I sent for their estate planning materials and they were fabulous. They were easy to understand forms anyone can use. I do not know why Wisc. Humane Societies do not provide this service specific to our state's laws but I believe anyone can use these forms and they should be honored if not challenged by your children. You should get your heirs to sign "no challenge" statements before you die and if they will not do it - get a lawyer. It is better to euthanize pets than to trust others to treat them decently after you die. There are a lot of horror stories. This link is the best resource of all these links. I highly recommend you order their materials which are FREE. They never bothered me after they sent them. I think they provide an incredible service for dying people who love their companion animals.
More Estate Plan Resources
Estate Plan for Non-humans
Estate Planning Toolkit
Wisconsin's pet trust law

Roll Call
Foreign Affairs
The Weekly Standard
Alternative Media Reporting
LA Times
Nature Science Update

Freethought Radio
The American Prospect

WI Capital Times
Shadowplay E-zine
Public Broadcasting Specials
Utne Reader
Nando Times
The Scoop
House and garden tv
Wisconsin Public Radio
MatriFocus Goddess E-zine
CNN News
Animal Abuse News on Court TV

Drudge Report

Global Security.Org
Harpers Magazine 
C span
Book tv
Washington Post
Campaign/Elections/People in Politics
Council on Foreign Relations
C-Span links to Policy Organization
Lightworker's Journal
Best Friends News
Animal News
Out There News
Policy Review Journal
Stolen Childhoods
Roll Call
The Hill
Solar Home
Feminist Spirituality Journal

Animal Abuse Lawyers

Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF)
2103 Southeast Belmont Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
Tel.: 503-231-1602
Wisconsin United for Furry Friends
If you are just suspicious or if someone you live with has been threatening or actually hurting your animals you can get help here. Click on this link. They will shelter the animals until you can move away from the danger. This link is for Wisc. residents but the Latham link in this list will point out of state residents to similar programs in other states.

Keep Fighting!
The best way to help No Compromise is to continue giving your all for the animals. The animals depend on you to fight for their liberation! So get out there and give the animal abusers hell!
Diabella's totally comprehensive cat link page-there is nothing you ever wanted to know, buy or do about and with cats that is not on this page, including vintage pictures, the cat cafe, painted cat furniture and quilts, cat care and more serious subjects. Be sure to visit her other pages and see the Litterbox Fairy and Katzenberg's trip to the Rainbow Bridge.
Chicken Sanctuary - Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center

Be-Mi-Kitties It's about the 6 kitties and 5 angels that own us, we've got photo's, FeLV info, cats, cats and more cats!

Interspecies Communication - Their info is useful but take what they have to say with a grain of salt because these people eat animals. I doubt if they actually communicated with animals they could keep slaughtering them and eating their dead flesh . They do not live in Alaska on icebergs. They are urban - live near health food stores - have money. They choose to eat animals because they WANT to do it. One student wrote in to complain that they were taken to a Arby's Beef Eaters place on lunch break from an Animal Communication workshop. Before you use a so called animal communicator, ask them if they eat meat. If they do, I bet it is a rip-off.
Books, CDs, Videotapes, Seminars, even tours to animal places with a famous animal communicator. My favorite is: THE INTERSPECIES TELEPATHIC CONNECTION TAPE SERIES - This series of six digitally recorded audiocassettes on four major topics covers the theory and practice of directly communicating mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart with other species. Break through the layers of cultural conditioning that inhibit clear reception of communication from animals. Solve problems and understand your animal companion's behavior. Gain deeper mutual understanding and cooperation. Filled with timeless and many-layered wisdom, people have listened to these tapes again and again for growth in understanding and skill. Pegasus Publications ISBN 0-936552-12-3, 6 hours. $59.95

The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication
I subscribe to this magazine and it is a lot better than I thought it would be. It is one of the few book/magazines that actually does help you live better with your companion animals. 
$25.00 = 4 issues (and it is worth it)

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