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Spirit of America
100% of your tax-deductible donation goes to these projects initiated by Americans serving abroad.

Earth Spirituality
Spiral Goddess Grove
Universal Pantheists
World Pantheist Movement
Sprial Goddess Grove
Spiritual mythology

Where did the faries go

Beautiful Shrine to Bastet

Soul Full Living
Attract What You Want
Chaos in A-M and P
Aeclectic Pagan
Christian Meme
Pagan Occult search machine
Chaos Theory
Rosicrucian Mysteries
Sacred Landscapes
Wild Culture
Theosophical Society
Only Sheep Need a Shepherd
Golden Dawn Hermetic Teaching
Wild Ideas
Shrine of Forgotten Goddesses
Nature Spirits
Freethought Music
Does God Watch Us Masturbate? 
Successfully getting Restraining Orders Against Intrusive Guardian Angels
What Should A Christian Lady Wear to an Abortion Clinic Bombing
What is Pantheism

Ritual Elements 1
Ritual Elements 2
The Tao of Physics
Deep Ecology
Understand Living Systems
The System's view of Life
Introduction to Ritual
Resurgence e-zine list of on-line articles
How to astral project(see Monroe method)
Deity of the Day

Medicine Wheels
The 4 Directions
Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel
Big Horn's Medicine Wheel
Computer Medicine Wheels
One Lakota's Medicine Wheel Good medicine meditations
Shadow Women's Medicine Wheel
SkyWatcher's Medicine Wheel
Totem Animals
Dagara Wisdom

Earth Holidays
Circle Sanctuary - Celebrating the Seasons
The 8 Pagan Holidays
The Sabbats of Wicca

Marah's Almanac
Lady Day: the Vernal Equinox
Stardancer's Wheel of the Year
Beltane Fire Society
Celtic Wheel
Death Crones
Mything Links Opens to Of Cows and Madness, move to previous page for holidays

Heartless Bitches International
Imagine All The Fat People
Joan of Arc
Jeanne d' Arc
Greek Goddesses Information
Pope Joan
Truth and Pope Joan
Was there a Female Pope
Pope Joan
The Legend Continues
Life of Joan d' Arc (childhood)
Timelined Life of Jehanne Darc
Women in Greek Myths
Themis Greek Goddesses
Mythology Studies
Myth and Legend
Encyclopedia of Myths
Goddess Mystic
Center for Story & Symbol
Homeric Hymn of Demeter
The Homeric Hymn represents simply one facet of the myth of Demeter and Persephone, the 'official' version gleaned from an oral tradition with many variants.
Women & Gender in the Ancient World
Goddess Myth Projects
Metamorphoses Project: Tracing Mythology through Time and Place
Powell's Text Guide to Myths
Female Deities
Classic Myths
This site is designed to draw together the ancient texts and images
available on the Web concerning the major figures of Greek and Roman
The Thesmophoria
Greek Roman & Celtic Myths
Crone Myths
Agricultural deities | Goddesses
Willow Roots link page
Willow Roots Wands
The Lililth Shrine
Snake & Snake Productions
Snake's Link Page
fairy magic
Blue Cats Den
Woman Warriors
Beyond the Fields we Know

Reality TV
C span

Book tv

The Body Shop

Robert Petro
Interspecies Communication

Alternative Energy
Wisconsin Green Building Alliance
Gordon Kent's Solar Home
Solar Today
Solar Power Systems
Celebrate Solar
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation
Wind Power Systems
Sundance Solar
Electric wind power
Solar Designs
David Allans Solar Home
Environmental News
Solar Facts
Modern Mobil Homes
Renewable Energy Wind
Wind Mills
Renewable Energy Policy Project
Wind Power
Manufactured Solar Homes
Solar News
Maine Solar Home
Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Why Solar - See Our Home
Alternative Energy Store
Backwoods Solar
BP Solar For My Home
USDOE Building
Focus on Energy
Daystar(my favorite solar home)
Residential Pools
Solar Energy Industry Association
Roofus Solar Home
Mr. Solar
Mother Earth News
Solar Home Principles
Solar Use Network
Wisconsin Stewardship Network
Power House TV
Solar Design Associates This is your first call if you are building a new home or installing alternative power in an old home. Recommended Site
International Hi Tech Industries
(investment opportunity)
Energy Conv Devices
(investment opportunity for 2005)
Clever Homes 
NY Lofts

What is Cosmology?
Nature Science Update
Lunar and Planetary Observation
Inconstant Moon
Mysteries of Deep Space
Morgana's Observatory
Virtual Solar System
Rose Center for Earth and Space
Arnett's Planets- Callisto
Women in Astronomy
Destination Space
Auroral Sounds
Moon's Libration
Inconstant Moon (recommended site)
Solar System Stroll
Space-Ask the Experts
Science Hotline
The Nine Planets
Virtual Moon Phase
Virtual Solar Tour
Washburn Observatory
Wyalusing State Park
High Energy Astrophysics. 
Questions about the X-ray, Gamma-ray and Cosmic Ray universe; covers topics such as black holes, quasars and dark matter. 

Photos of the Cosmos (recommended site)
Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA) at NASA's GSFC
LHEA is one of three laboratories within the Space Science Directorate at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. An important function of the Directorate is to provide project scientist support. 

Learning about our universe. If you're looking for grade school level astronomy information, please see the StarChild web site.
Moon lovers can click on today's date
PBS String Theory

Fantasy Clothes
Vintage Gowns

Vintage Clothes

Antique Dresses

Gothic Clothes

Glad Rags

Gypsy Moon
Trashy Diva

Victorian dresses

Wings  and Roses

Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Wedding
Twin Rose Design
Antique Dress
Beaded Gowns
Vintage Clothes
Kinsale Cloaks/Chinese Jackets
Japanese Kimonos
Ganesh Trading
River Daughter Ritual Dress Designs
Pagan Home Decor
Elf Clothes
Magic Forest capes
Fairy Crowns
Witch Mall Links

Eco living/Food
Organic Consumers Association
Katzer's Spice Page
Solar Shingles
Design Coalition
Wisconsin Solar Home
Purple Energy Plates
Eco Living Center
Madison C.S.A
Sirius Sunlight Glass Studio
Center for Science and Public Interest

Veglink recipes
All veg recipes

Vegetarian Times
Community Supported  Agriculture (CSA)
The Ginger People
Healthy recipes
Faux cheese sauce
Lucky Palate
Big Train Gourmet Drinks

Veg Society recipies

Zingermans Gourmet Mail Order 
Vegan Recipies
Vegan World Recipies
Vegan Cheese Recipies
Nutrition Analysis Tools
Protein Calculator
Organic Provisions
Calculate your BMI
Not Milk
Egg Substitutes
Egg Substitutes
Lightlife Veg Products
Living and Raw Foods
The Raw Gourmet
Mori Nu Tofu Recipies
Cornucopia Institute (WI Organic Farms)
Wild Mushrooms
Fairy Food
Witch Kitchen
Green Festivals
Voice of a Global Citizen
Get Vegan
Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade South America
Fair Trade India
Organic Consumers Association and Actions
Fair Trade Direct ActionGorilla Fund Coffee
Gorilla Fund Coffee
$2.00 donated to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund 
Thanksgiving Fair Trade
Gift Baskets that give Back
Country Choice organic Soy Cocoa(RC)
Green People
Organic Living
Raw With Rose
Vegan Chocolate
Sustain Dane

Veg restaurants & stores across America

Home and Office Products in Wisconsin
Habitat for Humanity Resale Store
UW-M Surplus
Real Linolium

Amish Heat
A Woman's Touch - Madison Wisconsin
Sex Toys

Celebrity Scandals
Gary Glitter

Consumers Union Websites 

Dr Andrew Weil

Borderline Personality Disorders
Papers on Consciousness
Narcissistic Personalities 
Borderline Personalities
Verbal Abuse-Co-Dependencies-Groups
Portals - Life Transitions
The second brain
Secret life of the brain video series
Is this a disorder or 1/2 the people you know?
Personality Disorder Test
The Loony Bin Trip

MoonCat's Heavenly Homepage (highly recommended site: great links) 
Earth Voices Oracle (recommended site)
Silicon Valley Tarot (recommended site)

Angel Card Forecast
Tea Leaves (recommended site)
Lunaea's full moon dream oracle
Llewellyn's tarot
Inner Self Magazine
Tarot decks to preview before buying
Origin of The Sabian Symbols
Lunaea's Links
Astrodienst: free horoscopes but need your time of birth info (Recommended)
AstroCenter: Free Numerology and Horoscope daily after you give time of birth info.
Astrology Tutorials
Astro Dictionary
Charts for Children Under 6
Charts for Children Under 6
Free Readings
I-Ching Readings
Create the symbols of your life
Carolyn Reynolds (astrologer)(recommended site)

Art & Humor
My Cat Hates You
The Bad Kitty List
Museum of Modern Art
Tutorials web design
Milwaukee Art Museum
Fusion Anomaly
Sacred Earth Designs
Sacred Source
Archetype art
AB Art Glass & Beadwork
Sirius Sunlight Glass Studio (recommended site)
Helga's Cowches (recommended site)
Windy Nights
Jon's Site
Big Zen Gallery
Fantasy Art (recommended site)
Kittens-why we want to live with them

CatToad - Just for fun
Photographic age
Allison's Garden
Judy Chicago
Sacred Woods
WeMoon Calendar - Fabulous art in this spiral bound calendar - the picture on the 2004 Oct. section, of the LIBRA, looks exactly like me - the cover of 2004 "Riding the Waves" is extraordinary!
Copyright/Internet Law for artists and writers
Singing Bowls
Make your own slogan t-shirts
Put your slogan & Design Your own T-Shirt
Northern Sun - Northern Sun offers message-oriented
tshirts, bumperstickers, buttons, posters,
etc. covering a wide variety of issues/topics.
Plenty of non-issue products are available,
making our site a fun experience for all.
Okay, fundamentalists may not enjoy it. 
Awake Creativity in Children
Role Mottos
Action for Animals
Virginia Ray:Healing Artist
Mooncat's Spiritual Art Links
Spiritual Images Done Well - Even after you think the image has fully loaded, you must wait a full minute after that before viewing the true effect. The effect is worth the wait.
Inter-connecting by Shirley E. Kaiser, M.A.
Get Your War On
WI Assembly for Local Arts
Interior Design -Queen Ann Style
Menopause & Menstruation
Designing a Tarot Deck
Cats in Art
Anita Endrezzr Prints
Cynthia Re' Robbins Visions
Williamsburg Art Center
Leo's Art
Wisconsin Art Galleries
Art Locator Wisconsin
Owl Art
Art in the Embassy Visual Diplomacy
Sandra Bierman
Anne-Lise Koehler
Shamanic Art

Clip Art Graphics
Cats 1
Cats 2
Cats 3
Martha Stewart
Hallows Graphics 1
Hallows Graphics 2
Hallows Graphics 3
Hallows Graphics 4

MetaFilter News
Journey Egypt
American Science & Surplus
Hippy Museum
Mysterious Places
Car Talk
Landover Baptist Church
Darwin Awards
Powers of 10
Get Published
One World Journeys
America's best Christian
The Castle
Magical Merfolk and Fae
Scientific American Magazine
Science is Fun
Post Atomic
The early moments of time
Psychology news
Interactive Maps
Live Aurora Cam

Missouri Botanical Garden Library
A Goddess Garden
Wildflowers Coloring Books
Astrologer's Garden
U.W. Arboretum
Garden Chart/Journal
Inner Garden Art
Ladybird Johnson's Wildflower Center
Organic Gardening
Organic Lifestyles
NPR Ketzel's Plants
Garden Conservancy
Select Seeds
Forest farm 
(more than a plant catalogue; almost a plant guide; colored photos of more plants than you ever thought existed)

Nichols Garden Nursery
White Flower Farm
Rock Spray (heaths and heathers)
Prairie Ridge Nursery (midwest prairie plants and grasses)
Stone lanterns
Dwarf Citrus trees for the Patio
Logee's Greenhouse: We have Pogostemon heyneanus, "Patchouli," Item H8121-2 in a 2.5" pot for $4.75 (plus shipping and handling). We look forward to your order.
Seeds of Change
DNR Prairie Plant Restoration
Prairie Moon Nursery
Wisconsin seed source:Prairie Nursery
Mt Horeb,Wisconsin: Prairie Grass and Native Prairie Flower Seeds
Wisconsin's Forest Tax Laws
Herbal Grimoire
Herbal Quick Reference Guide

JSpell - Java and HTML Form Spell Check
InfoStar Computer Tutor and Information Provider
Norton AntiVirius

The Daily Report
The Web Standards Project
Wired e-zine
Web Reference Newsletter
Meyer Web
Cookie crusher
Electronic Frontier

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